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Everything you need to drive more revenue

Cloudpresenter is designed to be fast, robust and secure for all your needs so that you can turn your webinars into a revenue generating engine.

Host engaging webinars

A compelling and collaborative webinar experience for your audience. Discover all the ways you can engage and collaborate with people.

Exceptional online presentations

Deliver top-quality presentations in HD. Present your content with confidence.


Cloudpresenter easily works with your tech setup for every part of an webinar, so you can host webinars that build connections and drive growth.

White labeled webinars

Craft distinctive experiences that narrate your individual story or brand at each interaction.

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“We’ve been using Cloudpresenter to expertly bring our series of webinars to life, increasing attendance and engagement”

Dr.Satveer Mahil
Kings College Hospital London


Improve in attendance

Cloudpresenter improves attendance with interactive tools, analytics, and engagement strategies.


Increase in attendee conversion

Maximise opportunities with higher engagement and post event communications.


Increase in lead generation

Cloudpresenter has helped businesses generate over $2.3 million in sales opportunities.

How does it work

Double your pipeline with Cloudpresenter webinars

From generating interest to action, Cloudpresenter manages every aspect of your webinar, so that you don’t have to.

Who uses

Cloudpresenter across industries and geographies.

Cloudpresenter enhances collaboration and business growth across all industries, from online classrooms
to marketing webinars and everything in between.

Supercharge your online lectures and classes with Cloudpresenter.
Cloudpresenter helps your business grow and your team to collaborate better.
Secure, robust, and engaging webinars for healthcare industry.
Improve communication from interviewing, meeting to training.
Demo products, train, update globally. Engage teams effectively.
Strengthen public interaction on our secure, robust platform.
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Use-cases for Cloudpresenter

From employee onboarding to product launches, Cloudpresenter just works beautifully, no matter the scenario.

Product demonstrations

Showcase your product globally with built-in Q&A, polls, and easy presentation features.


Welcome remote hires easily. No downloads just click & connect with 1-link onboarding.


Manage your interview scheduling so there are no surprises, and your candidates are at ease.


With Cloudpresenter's collaboration tools, bring your team even closer.


Bring together PR, clients and team members to nail your product launches.

Sales &

Increase your business growth with high converting webinars.


Unite your teams and clients for collaborative discussions and presentations.

Training &
online courses

Simplify online learning with multiple classrooms & engaging collaborative tools.
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Attendees praised the branded platform layout, exceptional sound/video quality, and convenience of centralized control for presentations.

Xavier AP
NHS Blood and Transplant