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Affiliate programme

Join our Affiliate Program and
earn 20% in commission

Earn money for referring customers to our platform and contribute to empowering global collaboration and communication
 Rated #1 for ROI, usability, and engaging experience by these companies

Earn 20% in recurring commission

Refer Cloudpresenter to someone and earn 20% in commissions for each successful referral.

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Grow your
monthly income

You’ll earn 20% every month that your referred customer stays with us. That means if you send us 10 account worth $1000/month, you’ll earn $200 every month, for 3 years.

Get world-class
affiliate support

Our renowned customer service isn't just for customers. As a Cloudpresenter partner, you'll receive comprehensive support every step of the way, including answers, resources, and assistance for all your needs.

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How it works


Become an affiliate

Sign up for the Cloudpresenter affiliate program to get your unique affiliate link.

Send visitors to Cloudpresenter

Share your affiliate link! Users have 30 days to create and activate a new workspace for you to earn a commission.

Earn commission

You'll earn 20% commission for each successful referral.
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Use our brand assets when promoting Cloudpresenter.

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Cloudpresenter’s ideal Affiliate

Who we partner with:

Brand advocates

We don’t partner with:

incentivised traffic
Pop up/pop under
3rd party email brokers
Paid search
Unless previously approved and only on non-branded terms with owned and operated sites, SEM search is prohibited
Subaffiliate networks
Unless previously approved
Rebrokered offers
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“We’ve been using Cloudpresenter to expertly bring our series of webinars to life, increasing attendance and engagement”

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Dr.Satveer Mahil
Kings College Hospital London
What we look for?

What we’re looking for in affiliates

To ensure a top-tier Cloudpresenter affiliate program, we choose affiliates based on quality content, consistent promotion, and a passion for supporting creators, not on the size of their audience.

Cloudpresenter does not provide special discounts or coupons and does not collaborate with coupon sites.

We encourage product reviews, tutorials, platform comparisons, and feature announcements.

To remain an active affiliate, regularly include Cloudpresenter promotions in your editorial calendar.

We’ll support you by keeping you updated on new features, offering tools and resources, and sharing promotional opportunities.

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What makes Cloudpresenter worth sharing?

Cloudpresenter is your strategic growth engine, from integrations with 5K+ apps to fully customizing the platform to reflect your branding, it has all.

Host engaging webinars

A compelling and collaborative webinar experience for your audience. Discover all the ways you can engage and collaborate with people.

Exceptional online presentations

Deliver top-quality presentations in HD. Present your content with confidence.


Cloudpresenter easily works with your tech setup for every part of an webinar, so you can host webinars that build connections and drive growth.

White labeled webinars

Craft distinctive experiences that narrate your individual story or brand at each interaction.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What are the conditions?
Your referral will not qualify for referral credit if the customer:
- Is already a Cloudpresenter user
- Self-referrals (referring yourself or your own organization)
- Customer's last touch before signing up was another paid marketing touch point.
For more information please refer to Terms and Conditions of the Cloudpresenter affiliate program
How long does the cookie last?
We offer a 60-day cookie life. This means from their click on your link, if they purchase over the next 60 days (without clicking someone else's link), you're the affiliate earning commission.
How do you track conversions?
Conversions are tracked through your affiliate link provided by our affiliate tracking software, First Promoter.
What qualifies as a successful conversion?
In order to be considered a qualified referral, your unique affiliate link must be the last paid marketing click and the referred customer must create a new workspace, verify their email, and complete an action (such as creating a session, task, doc, etc.) in the Workspace in either of the next two days immediately following the workspace creation date. All referrals are subject to verification and we reserve the right to reject fraudulent signups.
What is the commission payout and how much can I earn?
We offer a 20% recurring commission for up to 3 years. Plan prices range from $948 to $23,998 for annual sales, so there is excellent opportunities to realise some healthy recurring commission on Cloudpresenter.
When do I get paid?
Affiliate payments are made the 1st week of each month. There is a minimum delay of 30 days before approving pending commissions.

Depending on when a commission is earned in a month, it can be pending for long than 30 days. For example, if you earned a commission on January 10th, it would be approved in February but paid in the next cycle during the first week of March (creating around a 50 day delay).
Will I receive go-to-market support?
Absolutely, our partnership managers will provide support and you will get full access to our affiliate marketing pack.
Can I refer myself on purchase?
Self-referrals are strictly prohibited with the Cloudpresenter affiliate program. The objective of the program is recommending others to Cloudporesenter and not getting yourself a discount!
Do you have affiliate terms of service?
Yes, we want our affiliates to treat the market, our leads, and our customers with respect and understanding. This is not a system to spam, abuse, or scam your audience for commission. Please read all Terms of Service rules here.
More questions?
Please contact us at if you ever have any questions.