Meetings and Webinars for Healthcare

Host captivating summits, impactful launches, and interactive learning events, all in a single platform.

“Cloudpresenter's custom platform enhances webinars, ensuring secure, user-friendly experiences for all”

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Healthcare communication

Cloudpresenter enables seamless interactions for healthcare organizations, vital for training, launches, research presentations, and global discussions.
“Working with the Cloudpresenter team was a pleasure. They expertly brought our webinars to life during the pandemic. Highly professional and innovative!”
Dr Satveer Mahil
St John's DermAcademy
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Tailored platform solutions

Cloudpresenter caters to specific needs, ensuring efficient industry interaction with customizable solutions for pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare organizations.
“Our attendees loved the branded platform layout, exceptional sound/video quality, and the ease of controlling everything from one URL”
Xavier AP
Community Engagement Manager
How does it work

Webinars across industries and geographies.

Elevate audience engagement with interactive features like polls, Q&A, and live
chat, ensuring impactful communication and feedback.

Product demonstrations

Showcase your product globally with built-in Q&A, polls, and easy presentation features.


Welcome remote hires easily. No downloads just click & connect with 1-link onboarding.


Manage your interview scheduling so there are no surprises, and your candidates are at ease.


With Cloudpresenter's collaboration tools, bring your team even closer.


Bring together PR, clients and team members to nail your product launches.

Sales &

Increase your business growth with high converting webinars.


Unite your teams and clients for collaborative discussions and presentations.

Training &
online courses

Simplify online learning with multiple classrooms & engaging collaborative tools.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is a host and what is a participant?
A host is the person running a webinar and invites participants to join. A participant is a person(s) attending the webinar. Participants do not need Cloudpresenter accounts; they can simply follow the link in their invitation from their desktop, phone or other mobile device. Every Cloudpresenter plan comes with one host license and a host can hold unlimited webinars. If you want to run more than one webinar at a time thats fine, all our Webinar plans include team member accounts, which plan you choose depends on how big your team is and how may events you'll be running. If you need assistance contact our sales team, we would be happy to discuss your needs and find the plan that’s exactly right for you.
What if I need more attendees?
You can purchase a plan directly for up to 5000 participants. You can run events up to 25,000 on Cloudpresenter. If you want to be sure you're selecting the right plan please contact our sales team and we’ll provide the best solution for your organisation.
How do I know what plan is right for me?
All paid include the same feature rich presentation tools, our Webinar plans include bespoke landing pages, custom branding, recording and additional participants. You can sign up for a Free Starter plan and try out all he features there. If you need assistance contact our sales team, we would be happy to discuss your needs and find the plan that’s exactly right for you.
Is Whitelabeling included in all plans?
All paid plans include custom branding by default, Webinar plans also include custom SMTP emails so you can send invites from your own email address. Webinar plans also include CNAME for using your own custom domain (e.g.
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“We’ve been using Cloudpresenter to expertly bring our series of webinars to life, increasing attendance and engagement"

Dr.Satveer Mahil
Kings College Hospital London