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Best webinar formats for quality B2B lead generation

Unlock the power of webinars for B2B lead generation! Discover proven formats like customer education, product demos, expert interviews, joint ventures, case studies, and live Q&A sessions.

Webinar follow up email writing guide with templates 

Supercharge your webinars with winning follow-up emails! Elevate attendance, engage leads, and convert with our proven templates and expert tips. Don't just host, maximize impact.

How to create the best webinar landing page that converts prospects into attendees

Unlock the secrets to webinar success! Dive into our latest guide on creating high-converting landing pages for your virtual events. From captivating headlines to persuasive CTAs, learn the art of engaging your audience and boosting registrations.

How to host on demand webinars for B2B lead generation

Elevate your lead generation game with on-demand webinars! Reach a global audience, capture quality leads, and nurture them with personalized content. Capture leads seamlessly, optimize with email and social promotion, and track success with analytics.

The ultimate guide to creating a webinar marketing strategy in 2023

Elevate your marketing game with the ultimate webinar guide! From defining goals to post-webinar analytics, discover the secrets to engaging content and global reach.

Virtual meeting etiquette and rules to engage your attendees

Enhance your virtual meetings by mastering proper etiquette and rules. Learn about key elements, why etiquette matters, and essential tips for punctuality, professionalism, and engagement. Ensure your remote meetings run smoothly and productively.

50 Good questions to ask guest speakers during a webinar

Elevate your webinars with these engaging questions for guest speakers, enhancing interactivity and knowledge sharing. Learn how to attract more participants, promote effectively, and find the right speakers for a successful event.

Benefits of the virtual classroom

Discover the power of virtual classrooms! Break down barriers, save costs, and enjoy personalized learning. Whether you're a student or teacher, virtual classrooms offer flexibility and collaboration. Explore the benefits and top software options for an exciting educational future!

13 Virtual event ideas to engage prospective attendees

Unleash the power of virtual events for business growth! Explore cost-effective, global engagement and exciting online event ideas in our guide. Whether a beginner or pro, discover new possibilities to boost your business.

Virtual event planning guide for new planners

Unlock the secrets to successful virtual event planning with our comprehensive guide! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our checklist and expert insights will ensure your virtual events exceed expectations.

Virtual event hosting guide for beginners

Unlock the world of virtual events with our comprehensive guide for beginners. Explore software options, event types, and benefits, and learn how to make your virtual event a resounding success!

Virtual panel discussion guide for beginners

Learn how to engage a global audience, cut costs, and enhance audience engagement. Discover the benefits of expert panelist insights for your company's growth.

How to write webinar email subject lines that drive higher open rates [+Examples]

Learn the art of creating attention-grabbing webinar email subject lines with real-life examples. Boost your webinar attendance and engagement with these proven tips!

How to host an all hands meeting for your remote team?

Learn why hosting regular all-hands meetings is vital for company success. Discover benefits, best practices, and virtual meeting ideas to engage your team effectively.

8 Webinar metrics to measure and improve conversion rate in 2023

Dive into webinar metrics and discover how to measure webinar success, engagement, and ROI effectively. Maximize the impact of your webinars today!

Webinar invitation email: Examples, templates and proven best practices [2023]

Explore some of the best webinar invitation email templates, examples and best practices you can leverage to promote your upcoming webinar.

How to promote a webinar to increase attendance rate

Unlock the secrets of webinar success! Learn the top 12 proven strategies for promoting your webinars and achieving your attendance goals. Whether you're on a tight budget or ready to invest, We've got the right tactics for you. Don't miss out!

How to improve webinar attendee experience with virtual breakout rooms

Virtual breakout rooms are a fundamental feature of online communication tools, such as video conferencing platforms, designed to facilitate interactive and focused discussions in virtual meetings or classes.

How to create an effective webinar funnel for success [+ examples]

Learn how to create powerful webinar funnels that engage your audience and convert leads into loyal attendees in this comprehensive guide.

13 Essential post webinar survey questions to gather valuable insights [+examples]

Upgrade your webinars with these 13 essential questions! After your webinar, ask your audience what they liked, how the speaker did, and how you can make things even better.

How to make webinars more interactive in 2023

Engage audiences like never before. Discover expert strategies to boost webinar interactivity and captivate attendees throughout. From compelling titles to interactive breakout rooms, learn how to keep your audience engaged, ask effective questions, and share valuable resources.

8 Best webinar platforms for marketers in 2023

It's not just about price. Learn why picking the right webinar software is about more than just money. Discover what works for different marketers and find the perfect fit for your team with this easy-to-follow buying guide.

11 Tips to host engaging webinars

Learn how to create powerful webinars that captivate your audience. From choosing the right format and content to engaging participants with polls and Q&A sessions, this guide covers everything you need for a successful virtual event. Start hosting effective webinars that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

How to host a successful webinar

Unveil the secrets to a flawless webinar experience with our comprehensive blog. From choosing the ideal webinar platform tailored to your goals, to captivating your audience with interactive engagement, we've got you covered. Level up your virtual events and leave a lasting impact - read the full guide now!

The ultimate guide to choosing a webinar platform in 2023

Discover the key features and considerations when selecting a webinar platform that aligns with your specific needs. From types of webinars and their use cases to audience engagement, analytics, pricing, and more. Find the perfect tool to host impactful virtual events in our in-depth blog.

Discover Cloudpresenter's easy to use features for presenters and audience members

When you enter into a Cloudpresenter session (or ‘room’), there are many functions and features available to both Presenters and Audience Members.  Here’s a brief walk through of the available functions once you enter a ‘room’ on Cloudpresenter.

Gen Z in the workplace: what you need to know

Gen Z are already making their mark on the workplace.  In this blog we look at why, and how, Gen Z are are different and the things that are important to them. When it comes to work and workplace this next generation of workers and leaders will impact organizations in several ways.

How to embrace the changing workplace

The workplace has changed; the workplace is not what it used to be.  The global Covid-19 pandemic forced changes upon businesses and organisations and in some cases, seemingly overnight.  To survive, businesses needed to implement systems and technologies that allowed whole workforces to work from home.

The future of work - what will it look like?

The workplace has been completely reshaped because of the Covid-19 pandemic but what will the future of work look like?  The future of work will look very different to the past.

Software update 5.33

Cloudpresenter software update: Available from: 20 February 2021.  Our latest update includes the implementation of the most requested feature, emoji reactions. Additionally, we are introducing minor improvements to the API...

Event trends to watch in 2022

What are the event trends to watch out for this year?Over the last two years, all businesses and organisations were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have had to change how we work and this will...

Hybrid Events everything you need to know

What is a Hybrid Event?  How do they work?Hybrid Events have been around for a while, and are most definitely here to stay, but there’s a lot to know!  Here’s our lowdown on what a Hybrid Event entails.

How Virtual Events support business growth

Can a Virtual Events platform really help a business grow?We all know that planned interactions and meetings are important for all businesses and organisations. Whether this is a staff incentive, a training event...

How to get the most out of online education

How can you get the most out of virtual and online education? Hosting educational events, e-learning and online learning opportunities has become a well-established and go to format for many years...

The pros and cons of Virtual Events

The pros and cons of Virtual Events.Sharing experiences and interacting with others with the same interests are two of the most exceptional and natural ways to make and create long-lasting relationships...

E-learning top tips

What is the best way to inspire teams with e-learning? Online training and education and e-learning are widely used by many organisations associations, and businesses.  But how can you inspire teams via online learning?

Virtual Event ROI and measurement: how can you measure success?

ROI and measurement: how can you measure success? What data can (and should) you capture and how can you use this to quantify successful areas of your event?

Why Virtual Events will always have a place

Virtual Events will always have a place, here’s why…Face to face events such as conferences, exhibitions, investigator meetings and seminars (to name a few) are powerful...

How can Virtual Events support the climate crisis?

How can Virtual Events support the climate crisis?  The 5th June marks World Environment Day but this isn’t just a time to celebrate the magnificent and beautiful world that we live in.  It’s an

Why Virtual Events complement face to face events, rather than replace them

Virtual Events support, not replace, face to face events.  Virtual Event platforms have facilitated remote schooling and have been a lifeline during the global pandemic.  During the pandemic Virtual Ev

How do Hybrid Events work in practice?

How do Hybrid Events work in practice?  Over the last year, as Virtual Events and online experiences have become an everyday ‘normal’ experience for many, there has been a lot of chat around the to

What is a Virtual Meeting?

What is a Virtual Meeting?  A Virtual Meeting is an event on the internet that guests can register and attend in real-time, watch presentations, and participate in Q&A’s…

How to make your Virtual Experience a success

How to make your Virtual Experience a success.You might be about to host your first Virtual Event or maybe you’re just considering including Virtual Experiences, Events and Hybrid Events into your...

5 reasons to make your next event a Virtual Conference

Do you need a Virtual Conference?  Conferences and events around the world are a fantastic opportunity to network, learn and share information, so why do you need a Virtual Conference?

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