Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is a host and what is a participant?

A host is the person running a webinar and invites participants to join.A participant is a person(s) attending the webinar. Participants do not need Cloudpresenter accounts; they can simply follow the link in their invitation from their desktop, phone or other mobile device.Every Cloudpresenter plan comes with one host license and a host can hold unlimited webinars. If you want to run more than one webinar at a time, you will need to purchase additional licenses. Contact our team to discuss our enterprise plan.

What if I need more attendees?

You can purchase a plan directly for up to 300 participants. You can run events up to 5,000 on Cloudpresenter - please contact our sales team and we’ll provide the best solution for your organization.

How do I know what plan is right for me?

All plans include the same feature rich presentation tools, our Pro and Team plans have custom branding, recording and additional participants. You can sign up for a Free Starter plan and try out all he features here. If you need assistance contact our sales team, we would be happy to discuss your needs and find the plan that’s exactly right for you.

Is Whitelabeling included in all plans?

All plans include custom branding by default, Pro and Team plans also include custom SMTP emails so you can send invites from your own email address. Team plans also include CNAME for using your own custom domain (e.g.

Is Cloudpresenter really free forever?

Yes! We have Freemium plan so you can start using Cloudpresenter right now and stay free forever!

Can Cloudpresenter be used for my daily team meetings?

Hi there, yes Cloudpresenter is designed for daily use with business teams (like Zoom or Teams), with the added feature that all webinar tools and features are available to use in every meeting. Our users use CP for everyday meetings with 5-10 people through to virtual events for 1000's of people.

Can I custom brand my meetings and webinars?

Yes, every account, even the free one, has complete branding features that allow you to customize your meetings with the branding and/or colors of your company or organization.You can add logos, icons and customize the colors of the entire platform to match those of your desired branding. More information on that here:

How do I remove my email from my meeting room link?

You can change the name in your meeting link under Account Settings > My Room Link. This sets your main account url. The default is your account email, but this can be anything you like.

What are the different roles you can assign in each meeting?

We have three roles during a meeting, these roles are not to be confused with Team members/users as these are referring to the account holder.
The meeting roles are:
A presenter is in control of the session, during meetings they can control participants, turn on/off cameras, load slides and videos, polls etc and moderate questions.
Guest Presenter
Similar to a Presenter but without the ability to end the meeting or control participants.
The audience is the default role that anyone invited to a meeting will have. They can watch the meeting, ask questions, join in with chat and polls etc. They will need to raise their hand to request permission to turn on their camera. HOWEVER - in account settings this can be changed so all audience members can automatically join with their cameras on, the choice is yours for your specific use case.

How secure is Cloudpresenter and what provisions are in place to protect my data?

Cloudpresenter practices the highest level of security and data privacy possible. We are operated by Procreation UK Limited and as such are an ISO 27001 certified business. To learn more about our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Data Privacy Agreement please see our Legal Information for everything you need.

How do I invite someone to a meeting?

There are a couple of ways to invite participants to your meeting.Send an email invite: 1. While in a session, click on the Invite Participants icon located at the bottom of the left sidebar.
2. An Invite people box will open.
3. Add the participants' email addresses to the Invite people by email field and hit 'enter'. They will receive an email with a join link that takes them directly to your meeting.
Tip: this link is pre-authenticated, so they won’t have to worry about passwords.Send an invite link:
1. Follow steps 1 & 2 mentioned above.
2. You'll see two share options: link and password.
3. Copy the link, and send the link to the participant.
4. Copy the password and send the password to the participant

What languages do you support?

We support the following 12 languages:

Is there a way to customise my registration page more?

Yes, as well as the built in branding tools you can use javascript to change any part of your registration page, more information on that is here:

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