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August 9, 2023
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How to use Cloudpresenter’s in-room navigation feature

When you enter into a Cloudpresenter session (or ‘room’), there are many functions and features available to both Presenters and Audience Members. Here’s a brief walk through of the available functions once you enter a ‘room’ on Cloudpresenter.

In-room navigation for presenters

As a presenter, with Cloudpresenter, you have total control on how you deliver your webinar.

Camera on or camera off

You can decide whether to show yourself during your presentation, or not, depending on the type of presentation and style. By clicking the camera icon you can decide to switch your camera on or off, and switch between the two settings when needed.

Microphone on or off

As with the camera settings, clicking the microphone icon allows you to switch your mic on or off depending on the needs of your webinar or meeting and the content you’re sharing with your audience.

See who’s participating

As a presenter, you can view and manage the list of other presenters and audience members in your session. This is really useful when you need to discuss specific topics, or switch over presentation control over to a colleague.

Share your screen

Using the Cloudpresenter screen share feature, you can quickly share your screen with those who are taking part in your session. This is often used within a webinar or meeting to show participants a document, video, or website, that is being discussed.

Whiteboard feature

As a presenter you can easily annotate your screen and/or documents with your audience. This makes for excellent collaboration and interactivity during a webinar or virtual meeting and really brings the content – and importantly discussion – to life.

Live streaming

With Cloudpresenter you can easily broadcast your meeting live to Facebook or YouTube, just with the click of a button.


We all know that recording webinars and virtual meetings can be a highly useful feature. To record a session is easy with Cloudpresenter. Your recording will be automatically saved to your Cloudpresenter account and will be available in your Account Centre for you to share with participants, or those who couldn’t make it, after the meeting has taken place.

Invite participants

The beauty of Cloudpresenter is its flexibility. As a presenter you can easily invite others to join a session once it has started.

Features for presenters and the audience

There are many standard features that are available to both presenters and meeting attendees, read on to discover the key features that are most commonly used.

Leave or end a session

As a speaker if you end the session, it will end the session for you, and the whole audience and bring the webinar to a close. As an attendee if you need to leave before the session has ended, you depart, but the webinar will continue.

Chat with others

Cloudpresenter’s in-room chat channel enables presenters and the audience to exchange comments with others in a session.

Questions and answers

It is easy to ask and answer questions with Cloudpresenter; if you’re a presenter you may like to ask your audience a question, and if you’re a member of the audience you may like to ask the presenter a question that they can answer publicly and involve others in. This is great feature to instigate conversations and debates within a specific webinar session.


As a presenter, or an attendee, you can easily upload images, documents and videos and create polls in Cloudpresenter.

Personal settings

And last, but not least, it’s important that your settings are right for you, your device and your location. Both presenters and audience members can easily adjust audio and video settings and change the resolution during a session. Presenters are also able to enable additional features.

Want to know more?

Check out some of the articles and guidance on the Cloudpresenter Academy. You’ll be able to find everything you need to know about how to use Cloudpresenter and create excellent, engaging, webinars and meetings, with ease.

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