How to find a trending topic for your next webinar

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February 15, 2024
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Webinars have long become an influential tool in the arsenal of online content marketing. Still, their potency lies heavily in the ability of the content creator to address issues to speak to the needs and pains of the target audience. For the content to do this, it has to be relevant. As an online creator or digital marketer, there are several ways you can discover which topic is relevant to a webinar attendee (that is, customers and prospects); one of those ways is to find out and address trending topics on your webinars. 

Why trending topics are important for your webinar content strategy

You should consider trending topics when searching for webinar ideas for several compelling reasons. Here are some of them:

Increased engagement

Trends make for engaging webinar topics because they generate more interest and buzz than other topics. They also attract a larger audience who would be naturally drawn to discussions concerning current events. You are also more likely to have questions, participate in discussions during the webinar, and engage your audience.


Hosting webinars on trending topics, especially when they’re relevant to your industry, can establish you as a thought leader who is aware of modern development and informed enough to perform effectively in your field. It would also help you generate leads to sell your product or service. Business owners understand that one of the best practices of a great webinar is choosing a topic you can speak on authoritatively.

Shareability and virality

Another advantage to addressing trending topics when choosing your next webinar topic is the high potential for them to go viral, as more people tend to share your works and make them go viral. When they do this, you can have more visibility for your webinar, drawing in a broader audience and creating a ripple effect across social networks. However, it is important to choose a webinar platform with content-sharing features. 

SEO benefits

Lastly, webinars centred around trending topics can positively impact your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. If you ensure that your content is relevant and along current search trends, your webinar will appear more in search results, driving organic traffic to your webinar. However, it is important to remember that all website visitors from SEO are not equal in terms of traffic quality or purchase intent. Hence, you need to use topics relevant to your audience. 

Proven ways to find a topic for your webinar

There are several ways to find trending webinar topics and ideas you can use to boost engagement and visibility. Before hosting a webinar, consider using the following options to find a perfect webinar topic.

Google trends

When topics are trending, they tend to be searched most on the world’s most massive search engine– Google. The most searched topics are often compiled under Google Trends, a dedicated tool that gives you information about every keyphrase or query ever typed into the Google search bar. The tool will also give you access to the search volume of the key phrase you are searching about. 

Google Trends also lets you filter trends by several granular categories such as date, country, category (usually internet and telecom), and the type of search- either web or image.

You can also get a downloadable trend graph and a heatmap of your selected area, a list of related topics, and related queries with enough details to help you make informed choices about any trending topic. Once you know which ideal webinar topic is trending and where, you can create a webinar that appeals to the specific target audience. 


Another place you can source for trending topics is on Reddit. The platform hosts a form of social media content where hot topics and takes on them hold sway. Each user-generated content that other users can upvote or downvote. The platform also has a popular feed feature with advanced filtering that allows you to filter by country. The features also allow you to search by other parameters, such as hot, rising, top, etc. This way, you can narrow your search to a topic on everyone’s lips. This will help you choose the best interesting topics to reach and engage your target audience or ideal buyer persona. 

The advantage of Reddit is that it is a popular platform with tons of user content that often results in what users call The Reddit Hug of Death when too many people attempt to access the site and cause it to crash. This means there is so much content on the site, with an incredible amount of traffic going through the feeds of Reddit can prove invaluable if you’re searching for trending topics to include in your webinar. 


Quora is another social platform that is arranged in a question-and-answer format. Typically, users ask questions they find puzzling, and experts or any knowledgeable person can answer them; the best answers get upvoted, while there is an avenue to comment on answers or even have debates. This way, Quora can fulfil its mission to share and grow the world’s knowledge. They also are a good way to source for trending topics.

As a massive platform with tons of user-generated content, the platform is where you can find buzzing topics. Additionally, Quora has various features enabling you to find a trending topic for your webinar. They have a Top Stories Feed to help you find the top results for a specific term or query based on comments, shares, and votes. Using the search function also gives you a similar result. By curating all the reports you gain, you can be inspired to choose a topic that can give your webinar incredible visibility. 


Many people would turn up their noses at getting their news from BuzzFeed because the platform has become synonymous with clickbaits, memes, and quizzes. But despite its reputation, Buzzfeed remains a good source for keeping up with pop culture trends, especially by using its Trending Section. Fortunately, the system is very easy to navigate and only requires several minutes to move through the layout and access the trending topics. 

You can also use Buzzfeed features such as content tags, main featured, and most featured articles to know what topics most users are interested in. You can filter your search by country or categories (music, filming, games, etc.) to have a more targeted view of subjects in your domain or field of industry. Even when there are no trending topics in your field of interest, you can still look for ways to adapt these topics to suit your interest. 

Twitter (X)

Since Twitter, or X as it is now called, took off, the social media platform has permeated every fabric of our culture, even entering common language parlance. It is often thought of as a digital town hall where every topic of interest, including politics, sports, and even arts, is discussed by everyone, irrespective of social status or influence. 

It isn’t surprising, then, that Twitter is one of the top ways to discover trending topics that can be adapted to a webinar with some effort. One feature that makes it particularly effective is its use of hashtags to curate people discussing a particular topic. Not only can use the Trending button to search for widely discussed topics, but by going through the tweets attached to trending hashtags, you can gain a general mood around the topic and know the exact angle you want to approach it from, making your webinar more relevant and more in tune with your target audience’s needs. 

Reviewing popular  webinar topics and blog posts

In addition to hunting for hashtags or trends on popular online platforms, you can dive deeply into other successful blog posts or leaders in the webinar space. Ideally, the right webinar to review would be that of an influencer or a highly successful thought leader in your field. Returning to check on their more successful posts can give you an idea of what works the most and what doesn’t. 

While doing this, you want to do more than just look at the figures regarding how many likes, comments, or shares the posts or videos have. You also want to read through the comments to find out exactly what your potential clients are saying; what did the webinar or post miss despite their success? What points made in the video resonated most with them? What questions were asked the most, and do you have anything extra to contribute? Conversely, you also want to return to past webinars, review your comment sections, and repeat the exercise. Doing this can give you insight into how to shape your next webinar. 


Unlike its nearly identically named counterpart, BuzzSumo is a content marketing tool designed for finding popular and trending content and influencers. All the stories within the platform are organised into categories and attached with a trending score so you can see their engagement. 

The platform also shares similarities with Google Trends, making it an ideal place to search for trending topics. For example, you can search for keyphrases and topics concerning your interest area; this would give you access to top-performing blogs and articles across the web, ranking them by engagement in popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Due to the way it is designed, BuzzSumo can be very efficient for creating webinars that go on to have massive social media engagement, giving you much visibility. 

Other ways to create a relevant webinar

Besides scouring the online space in search of trending topics, there are other ways you can create webinars addressing topics relevant to your potential customers or target audience. Some ways you can do this include.

Taking a survey

If you are having issues deciding which trending topic explicitly addresses the pain points of your target audience, you can just ask the participants of previous webinars. You can ask the audience what they want to discuss in the next webinar. Or you can get insight by asking which parts of the webinar appealed to them most; any unsatisfactory area can be addressed in the next webinar. 

Looking at product reviews

Another unconventional place where you can discover potential clients' pain points is via product reviews. You can do this by accessing websites or online trading platforms where your competition is actively selling their products or services. By reading the reviews, you can see what the audience is saying and what they find lacking. Also, find out what information they want and how many people seek it. You now have the best webinar topic based on the missing information. 


Most times, the success of your webinar may depend on choosing the right webinar topic; new marketing trends reveal that very little else can help them generate leads and a good virtual event, whether remote or hybrid.

A good way to make it even more compelling is by taking on a trending webinar topic. The benefits of adopting this strategy include increased engagement and visibility. 

Your audience will also be more inclined to patronize your business as they would feel you have addressed a relevant topic.  Discovering trending topics is not that difficult; content marketing tools such as Google Trends and BuzzSumo are a good way to track trends in different regions; you can also search for these topics on online or social media platforms such as Twitter (X), Buzzfeed, Quora, and Reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a topic trending?

To make a topic trending, leverage engaging content, promote across social media platforms, and collaborate with influencers.

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