13 Essential post webinar survey questions to gather valuable insights [+examples]

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November 23, 2023
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Irrespective of what you might have believed before, delivering engaging content is not usually the same as effective marketing. Assuming you want webinars specifically for marketing, you have to think beyond subjective engagement metrics.

Besides what you’ll see in your webinar analytics dashboard, you have to gauge your event's success directly from the attendees' perspectives and experiences. And that’s where post webinar survey questions come into play.

In other words, your presentation's success depends on your webinar participants' experience. Moreover, it is also important to clarify and measure your webinar marketing goals against specific targets. Doing this will make it easier to make progressive improvements with the subsequent online events you want to host.

What are post webinar surveys?

Post webinar survey is a type of engagement survey meant to gather attendee feedback after hosting an online event. It is one of the best proven ways to get meaningful data as well as deeper insights you can use to improve your next event. While it is easy to think everything is fine, especially if you have achieved your webinar marketing or lead generation goals, that’s not the end.

Besides using post webinar surveys to get feedback, it shows your audience members that you really care about their experience, not just your business goals. Assuming you have not been using a post webinar survey to gather feedback, now is the time to rethink and improve your webinar strategy. And that’s what this post will help you to achieve.

Types of post webinar survey questions

Even though everyone understands the importance of post event surveys for your webinar attendees, how you go about it, and the type of questions you ask usually affect the quality of survey results. Before we get to the sample post webinar survey questions, here are the major questions to consider.

Open ended survey questions

This is the best survey question to get better insights regarding the challenges your event attendees might face around the webinar topic. By asking open ended questions and getting your audience members to write answers in their own words, you’ll learn about things that may not have crossed your mind as the presenter, marketer, or business owner.

Multiple choice survey questions

Because your webinar participants might belong to different segments, how they experience the webinar content often differs in some ways. In this case, you can use multiple choice questions to get good results from your webinar survey. The main thing is to make the survey centered around your webinar topic.

Dropdown list questions

Depending on your webinar platform, you can use the dropdown list of possible answers to measure your event’s success. You are only limited by your imagination regarding how to use a survey to gauge attendee satisfaction after presenting your virtual event. For example, you can use a dropdown question to get insights about the lead generation channels your attendees are using. It all depends on the event topic and context.

Rating scale questions

Do you want to get feedback about the speaker’s presentation skills? This is the type of post webinar survey question to use. You can use 1 – 10 or 10 – 100 numerical scales to measure any specific part of the webinar presentation. If you can get all your audience members to participate in the survey, the results will benefit your future events.

Demographic centric questions

For marketers keenly interested in the best practices to optimize future webinars for their target audience, this is another type of survey question to use. As the name suggests, it’s all about getting useful insights about your audience demographics to make better offers that will convert. Some of the demographic data points you can think about include the following –

  • Audience age
  • Business model
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Job title
  • Location

Benefits of getting attendee feedback from survey questions

For people who have not been doing it, here are the benefits of post webinar surveys you may experience when you invest in one of the best webinar platforms with great features. Remember, what you get will depend on how you structure your webinar survey.

1: Improve your presentation skills in the next event

When you ask specific survey questions about the speaker’s presentation skills, the insights event attendees might be revealing. And that’s how you can improve your presentation during the next virtual event. Sometimes, it may have to do with speaking speed, visuals, interactive Q&A, or other factors. The main thing is to pick out the most relevant points and use them to make planned improvements consistently.

2: Identify better topics for your next webinar

One of the best ways to improve your webinar content is to generate topics from attendees. And that’s another benefit of getting post webinar survey feedback from your audience. Instead of guesswork, the webinar topics you get from a successful webinar will help you to make everything attractive and practically beneficial for people who will spend time attending your online event. Moreover, it’s a proven way to get repeat participants.

3. Make your future webinars more successful

Regardless of how you want to measure your success, an effective post webinar survey will help you reach that goal faster. Whether you want to measure success based on engagement metrics, quality lead generation, or sales revenues, the feedback you get from all your audience members will help you make measurable improvements in these areas. However, the most important thing is to put the survey results to work.

4. Optimize your webinar marketing efforts

A successful webinar strategy is mainly dependent on your marketing efforts. Without prospects to register and attend your events, the presentation and the planning won’t make sense. That’s why you should explore all avenues to get the best results from your webinar marketing strategy. Interestingly, one proven way to achieve that is to ask multiple choice or open ended questions through a webinar survey. Through such surveys, you can start to gauge and compare the effectiveness of your webinar marketing strategies against one another.

At Cloudpresenter, effective marketing channel comparison is one area where our users get the most value from webinar surveys. Besides measuring attendee satisfaction, the insights you get from a well-planned survey could help you reduce spending on ineffective webinar lead generation channels.

Now think about this question – Which marketing channel delivers the highest quality leads to your business at the moment?

How to leverage attendee feedback to generate qualified leads

Asking the right post webinar questions will help you get insightful feedback you can use to improve future webinars. For most people, one interesting area of improvement is lead quality. Based on the fact that many marketers and business owners are using webinars specifically for lead generation, the question is this; How can you use survey feedback to generate higher quality leads from your webinars? Let’s look at a few specific actions you can take.

Identify the best lead generation channels – Irrespective of your marketing budget or expertise, most lead generation channels will always perform differently regarding lead quality and quantity. Unless you have the right tracking systems in place, you may not be able to identify, with high precision, the specific channels delivering the highest quality leads. And that’s one important thing you can get from successful webinar surveys. In this case, you can use a dropdown list or multiple choice questions to identify the channels delivering the highest volume of leads to your business.

Segment your audience – It doesn’t matter the business model you are running. There is a chance that your potential customers or clients do not belong to a single demographic. If you haven’t thought about it before, you will find interesting differences between different segments when you dig deeper. Besides demographic data points, the feedback you get from post webinar questions will reveal some interesting facts about their current challenges, business goals, pain points, or tools they are using.

And that will be the basis of segmentation you can leverage to improve your lead generation strategy. You can also segment your webinar participants based on location, business model, niche, job title, monthly revenue, and average client retention rate.

Run email A/B testing – Assuming you did your segmentation properly, one of the best ways to get higher quality leads from your event marketing efforts is email A/B testing. By testing different versions of promotion emails when your webinar ends, you’ll discover the audience segment and emails that deliver the highest quality leads. For quality lead generation, I have highlighted some email variables you can test while improving the overall event experience.

·         Email subject lines

·         Value propositions

·         Free trial offer duration

·         Audience segment

·         Specific offer type

·         Landing page design

·         Email Copy

·         Email CTA

Sample survey questions to improve your webinar experience

1. How did you hear about our webinar?

Specifically, this question will help you measure the effectiveness of your event marketing strategy across different channels. Getting useful insights in this regard will help you improve the attendee experience and overall webinar marketing outcomes. To get the best results, you have to use your current marketing channels as multiple options.

2. Why did you decide to attend?

Contrary to what you might think, most people attend webinars for different reasons. When you better understand why the majority attended your event, you’ll have what it takes to make the next event more attractive and fulfilling for the participants. The main thing is to allow the participants to speak in their own words.

3. Have you attended our events before?

Identifying repeat attendees will help you understand your success rate when building a list of potential leads you can convert into paying customers. If you plan to continue hosting webinars for the next 12 months or more, tracking repeat attendees will help you improve measure and brand awareness. In this case, a higher or growing percentage of attendees means you are doing well.

4. How would you rate the speaker’s knowledge?

Put it on a scale of 1 – 10 to see how the audience will rate your webinar presenters. The data you get from this question will help you change speakers or improve knowledge sharing in the next event.

5. Did you experience any technical issues?

You may not know, but the technical issues experienced by attendees could prevent them from attending your future webinars. Through specific questions, you’ll gain concrete knowledge about the specific issues your audience might have experienced during the event. And that will give you the foundation to improve your overall webinar experience.

6. How would you rate your overall webinar experience?

Using the rating scale format, the above question will help you engage participants to reveal how they have experienced the presentation. Depending on your tools, you can also go further with participants who gave it a low rating by engaging them to reveal more about what they didn’t find enjoyable.

7. How well did the webinar meet your expectations?

Most people go attend webinars with certain expectations. Use this survey question to gauge how the event met or failed to meet participant expectations.

8. What is the likelihood that you’ll attend our next webinar?

You can use this to build interest in your future events. In this case, you may want to use yes/no options or a 1 – 10 rating scale. If their expectations are met, the probability of attending the next event will be very high.

9. Which part of the webinar did you like the most?

Understanding the part they liked or enjoyed the most will help make the next event more enjoyable for the participants. If you have no idea what they liked most, you must rely on guesswork for most of your webinar planning process.

10. How are you likely to recommend our webinar to a colleague?

Whether it is spoken or written, positive reviews influence the likelihood of recommending your webinar to friends and colleagues of attendees. Depending on how you structure the survey, you can give your attendees multiple options showing the probability of recommending it to others.

11. Are you satisfied with the networking tools used on the webinar platform?

In this case, measuring satisfaction level will help you determine if you should continue using the same webinar platform or choose something better. Further engagement with the participants may give you more insights on the parts they didn’t find satisfactory.

12. What topics do you want us to cover in the next event?

Instead of relying on guesswork, getting webinar topics from your audience members will make it easier for you to deliver highly valuable webinar presentations. Based on the topics suggested by the majority of your attendees, you can start planning the next webinar event with a clear direction on what to cover.

13. How can we improve the overall webinar experience?

There is no need to guess the specific areas needing improvement. In this case, you can give them options or have them write the answers in their own words. From the webinar platform features to topic, content, and interactivity, the answers might just surprise you.


Contrary to what some people think, webinar success is not about the size of your audience or marketing budget. Sometimes, you may not even need to spend big money to get better results. In some cases, a little tweak in the planning, content, and presentation process could make a big positive difference. But then, you need deeper insights to make it happen.

And that’s what you’ll get from post webinar surveys. Used correctly there are many benefits which can provide valuable information and dramatically improve your future webinars.

However, you’ll need use some of the best webinar platforms to get the best results from your surveys.

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