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Virtual or hybrid webinars

Many corporate and educational events have an online presence, whether that is being fully virtual, or hybrid - with an in-person audience and an online audience. By taking your events online you can reach more people and attract a different calibre of audience.


Choosing the right platform

There are many ways of hosting a webinar, so it is important to understand what is important in a platform choice, ensuring your audience are impressed, engaged and come back for future events.


Everything you need

Easy access with no downloads, available on all devices and with a simple to navigate interface. A high quality platform that is secure, stable and robust so there are no unwanted breaks in the proceedings. The ability to engage with your audience through chat, moderated Q&A, polls and permission-based broadcast which allows you to easily bring people together in collaborative video experiences.
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The professional’s choice

Cloudpresenter is the ultimate in professional webinar platforms and has all of these features as standard. It also allows you to brand the space and create custom meeting links/URLs, giving you full control of your audience’s experience and ensuring your webinar showcases your brand in the best possible way.
cloudpresenter customer testimonial

The Cloudpresenter platform is unquestionably amongst the very best on the market that has enabled us to deliver highly creative and interactive events for clients who are leading players in the financial services, construction and healthcare sectors.

Ken Carter, Client Services Director

Activate Events

cloudpresenter customer testimonial

Our attendees loved the layout of the platform and the fact that it was branded, plus the sound and video quality are amazing. Having one URL where you can control everything is so much easier. You do not need to log in Zoom, open your presentation, get your videos ready…etc… Everything is in one place. You can log in anywhere and run the presentation even from your phone if necessary.

Xavier AP

NHS Blood and Transplant

cloudpresenter customer testimonial

It has been a pleasure to work with the Cloudpresenter team - they expertly and rapidly brought our series of webinars to life in the midst of the pandemic. The team are highly professional, responsive and knowledgeable. Thanks to them and their innovative platform, we have found a new way to deliver high quality educational events!

Dr Satveer Mahil

St John's DermAcademy

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