How to write webinar email subject lines that drive higher open rates [+Examples]

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November 23, 2023
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Unless your webinar email subject lines are attractive to the target audience, the open rates will continue to disappoint you. In other words, a higher email deliverability rate and visibility in the prospect's inbox are not enough. If the recipients do not open your webinar invitation email, you'll lose the opportunity to get every related result you want.

Based on the recent email marketing statistics from HubSpot, around 65% of marketers in their study consider subject lines to be the most influential factor in the profitability of email marketing.

Unlike paid advertising, many marketers agree that email remains the most profitable webinar promotion channel. However, the issue of overcrowded inboxes and that most of your target prospects are busy makes it hard to get their attention at the right time.

Given the above challenges, this guide will help you write an email subject line that drives higher open rates while setting the foundation for every valuable result you want.  

Whether you have been writing email subject lines before or just starting, this post will put you on the path toward getting better results.

What is webinar email marketing strategy?

Webinar email marketing strategy is the process of using email campaigns to promote and drive attendance to free webinars. It includes sending out invitation emails to potential participants, follow-up emails to registrants, and reminders as the event date approaches.

These emails typically provide valuable information about the webinar content, speakers, and benefits of attending, aiming to engage the audience and encourage sign-ups. Additionally, post-webinar emails may be sent to share recordings, gather feedback, or promote future events, enhancing overall engagement and conversion rates.

Benefits of webinar email marketing

1. Targeted audience reach

Email allows you to reach a specific and segmented audience. By sending invitations to your email list, you can target individuals who have already shown interest in your content or industry, increasing the likelihood of attracting the right attendees.

2. Cost-effective

Marketing through email is a cost-effective way to promote webinars. Compared to other advertising methods, email campaigns have lower associated costs, making it an efficient choice for marketing your event, especially for smaller businesses or organizations with limited budgets.

3. Email personalization

You can personalize email content based on recipient data, such as their name, previous interactions, or preferences. Personalization makes your invitations and reminders more engaging and relevant, increasing the chances of registration and attendance.

4. Trackable performance metrics

Email marketing platforms provide detailed analytics, allowing you to track open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This data helps you measure the effectiveness of your webinar promotion efforts, make necessary adjustments, and fine-tune your strategy for better results.

5. Automated follow-up

Strategic automation enables marketers to schedule and send follow-up emails, reminders, and post-webinar communications automatically. This automation process ensures consistent communication with your audience, even if you're busy with other aspects of event preparation, and helps nurture leads generated from the webinar.

Webinar email subject line examples for every stage of the webinar journey

When you are in the planning process, the webinar email sequence has different stages that need proper alignment before you get started. Regardless of your background or experience, understanding the basics in this context will help you create an effective webinar promotion strategy.

Pre-webinar invitation email subject line

Here is the type of promotional email you send to an existing audience before an upcoming webinar. Interestingly, the results you get from it will depend on the size of your current email subscribers. Beyond what is obtainable from your limited audience size, tapping into other people's email lists could help you get more people to attend your webinar. Below are some webinar invitation subject line examples you should consider. Depending on the features of the platform you choose, you may find some of the best webinar invitation email examples and templates to use.

  • Join our [Webinar Title] On [Date]
  • Register now to attend [Topic] Webinar
  • Join us for the webinar [Webinar Title]
  • [Webinar] How To [Value Proposition]
  • [Webinar] [Problem Solving Title]
  • Learn How To Get [Specific Result] From Our Webinar
  • Add [Webinar Title] To Your Calendar
  • Webinar invite on [Webinar Date]

For you to get the best results, you can leverage A/B testing to uncover the best webinar invitation email subject lines and call to action.

Confirmation email subject lines

Sending a webinar confirmation email is another proven way to reinforce acknowledgment of your webinar. From the sender's name to the webinar title, this email will help them remember why they registered for the webinar in the first place. To make it even more effective, consider using words that express gratitude or appreciation for registering to attend your online event.


  • Thank you for registering to attend [Webinar Name]
  • Congratulations! You are now registered for [Webinar Name]
  • Looking forward to meeting you on [Webinar Date]
  • Webinar registration confirmed! Add to your Calendar
  • Save the Date for [Webinar Name]

Registration reminder emails

Regardless of how good your webinar email campaign might be, 100% of the people who received the invitation will not register on the first instance of email opening. And that's why you should make registration reminders with catchy subject lines part of your promotional campaign sequence. Depending on the platform you are using, you can segment the people who opened your invitation emails but didn't register for the event and send them registration reminders.


  • Don't forget to register for [Webinar Title]
  • Register now for [Webinar Title]
  • The [Webinar Title Date is …
  • Add this [Webinar Topic] to your calendar
  • Remember to register for [Webinar Topic]
  • Still want to attend this webinar [Topic]

Registrant reminder emails

Before you get into full promotion, you should have an email sequence to remind people to attend your next webinar. Unlike the one described above, a webinar reminder email is usually sent in a moderate sequence to people who have already registered for your event. To a very large extent, the effectiveness of these emails will impact the overall attendance rate and profitability of your webinars. Here are some examples of catchy email subject lines to boost attendance rates. Depending on the platform you are using, you an also find some useful email templates for this use case.

  • [First Name] Remember to attend the webinar on [Date]
  • Remember to join us on [Webinar Date]
  • Remember the Date for [Webinar Topic]
  • About the [Webinar Topic] you registered for
  • One day until the webinar [Topic]

Post webinar subject lines

Getting people to attend your webinar is not the end of the story. As part of the overall sequence, you should also send post-webinar emails to your attendees. And the main purpose is to show appreciation or thank the people who made out time to participate in your online event. Besides appreciating the people who attended your event, sending post-webinar emails will also help you maintain a connection with them. With a platform like Cloudpresenter, you can get more value from such emails by sending a link to post-webinar surveys. Through such surveys, you'll gain valuable insights about your event participants, their current business challenges, and why they made time to attend in the first place. Check out some of the examples below.

  • Thank you for attending our webinar
  • Hello [First Name], thank you for attending our webinar
  • Webinar replay inside: thank you for attending
  • Thank you for attending [Webinar Topic]
  • Your webinar recording is available now. Thank for attending

How to write webinar email subject lines for every situation? [tips & best practices]

  • Keep it Clear and Concise: Make sure your subject line offers a straightforward preview of your webinar's Topic. Avoid using confusing language or industry-specific jargon. Put the most crucial information at the beginning of the subject line to ensure it's visible in email previews.
  • Use Catchy Subject Lines To Ignite A Sense of Urgency: Emphasize the Date and time of your webinar to convey that it's a time-sensitive opportunity. Mention any immediate benefits or incentives for registering or attending early. Even though reinforcing a sense of urgency can help create effective webinar invitation email,  you should be cautious about overusing urgency tactics.
  • Ask a Compelling Question: Craft a question that resonates with your target audience's interests or pain points. Ensure the question relates directly to the webinar's content and will be answered during the session. To create webinar email subject lines that encourage people to click, try to make the question concise in the first few words.
  • Include Numbers or Statistics: Using numbers in subject lines increases, attractiveness, credibility of your email, and higher open rates. And in most cases, odd numbers tend to perform better. Ensure that the numbers directly connect to the webinar's content, reinforcing its value. Moreover, you should try to craft an eye-catching email subject lines with emojis to spark intense curiosity.
  • Personalize When Possible: Personalization extends beyond using the recipient's name. Consider job titles, locations, or past interactions with your brand. Segment your email list to send customized subject lines to different audience segments based on their interests or behaviors. Ensure the accuracy and seamless integration of personalization elements. Don't forget to include recipient's name in the subject line to make it more attractive.
  • Use Power Words and Action Verbs: Choose power words that evoke emotions and curiosity. Select action verbs that prompt readers to take immediate action, such as registering for the webinar. Strike a balance between using compelling language and maintaining authenticity, avoiding exaggeration or hype that may lead to disappointment if the webinar doesn't meet expectations.


Regardless of the niche or industry, there is never a single proven way to write the best webinar email subject lines that will give you the highest results. Most times, you have to do some A/B testing to discover what's best for your niche or target audience. What I have done here is to give you a foundational base to get you started.

Besides A/B testing, you can follow the tips and best practices shared in this post to help you craft the best subject lines that will give you the highest email open rates. Don't forget that your email recipients are busy, and their inboxes are constantly crowded. Hence, your best bet is to make the subject lines as attractive as possible for every stage of the webinar journey.

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