Webinar invitation email: Examples, templates and proven best practices [2023]

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November 23, 2023
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With effective webinar invitation emails, you can position your company to achieve more than the 40% attendance rate, the average across many industries. Whether you are planning to host your first webinar or looking for ways to improve your webinar marketing strategy, it is well-known that everyone who registered for your event will not attend.

For people who spend money and time on webinar promotion, the big question is this – how can you get more people to attend for you to accomplish your webinar goal?

Depending on the type of webinar, a big part of your overall success mainly depends on your promotion strategy.

Through this post, we’ll explore some of the best webinar invitation email templates, examples and best practices you can leverage to promote your upcoming webinar. Besides sending a simple reminder email, we’ll look into other vital areas of getting the most value out of the time and resources you invest in webinar marketing. Aside from your company’s existing email list, collaborating with other companies will enable you to leverage your email campaign to bring more people to your webinar.

Benefits of sending webinar invitation emails

  • Spend less on webinar promotion – Sending webinar invitations to your existing email list doesn’t cost money unless you want to use a professional email design for the first time. Even when collaborating with other companies, a webinar invitation email will not cost you anything. Now, consider the comparative cost of promoting your Webinar through paid advertising.
  • Highlight the benefits of attending the event: Sending the best webinar invitation email is easy. Giving your target prospects a strong reason to attend is entirely different. And that’s how they will decide whether to click your call to action button or keep moving. Through an invitation email, you can highlight the core benefits starting with the webinar title.
  • Keep the webinar date in view: One crucial variable that influences the webinar attendance rate is the date of the event. By helping prospects keep the date in view, it will become easier for them to plan other engagements to accommodate the time of the webinar. If your webinar announcement email is ineffective, most people will not make themselves available for it.
  • Get more people to attend the webinar – The number of people that will attend your webinar depends on the effectiveness of the promotion strategy. Interestingly, a properly planned invitation email campaign will help you get more people to attend or increase your attendance rate. Just make sure your webinar reminder emails are not landing in the spam folder.
  • Increase your webinar marketing ROI: The more people you can bring to attend your online events, the better the chances of generating qualified leads you can convert into one-time customers or paying clients. And that’s the best way to increase your webinar marketing ROI. The other way to think about it is that you don’t have to depend on costly paid advertising to attract people who will register for your webinar. Inviting people to register for your automated webinar funnel will also have a positive impact on the overall ROI.

Key components of webinar invitation email

1. Webinar invitation subject line

A good webinar invite email should have an attractive subject line. Interestingly, the subject line is the first thing that will determine whether a prospect should click to open your email or move to other important information. Perhaps you don’t need to be an email marketing expert to write attractive email subject lines. Think about the best email invitation you clicked in the last 1 – 6 months. Do you remember how the concept of problem, pain point, benefit and buyer persona played out? Check some of these examples below.

  • [Webinar] Learn How To Increase eCommerce Sales With Social Proof (benefit)
  • Attend This Webinar To Learn How To Overcome Low eCommerce Sales Conversion (problem)
  • [Webinar] 11 Ways To Decrease Abandoned eCommerce Shopping Cart (pain point)
  • [Webinar] Subscription Business Owner’s Guide To Advanced Social Proof (persona)
  • Learn How SaaS Business Owners Can Leverage Content Velocity for hypergrowth (persona)

2. Webinar topic

Depending on how you structure your email template, the subject line must differ from the webinar topic. In some cases, both of them could be the same. But the main point is that your email should have a specific event topic. And it would help if you made the topic directly related to why they clicked your email in the first place. In other words, you should achieve a tight alignment between the subject line and the title of your Webinar when the two are not the same.

Most times, the question of "why should I attend your virtual event" starts from the topic. For most of your potential webinar attendees, this is the most important question they want to answer before looking at anything else within the email. The tricky part is that their registration decision is usually made within seconds.

3. Webinar host introduction

Who is hosting the Webinar?

That’s another interesting question that comes into the decision-making process. Introduce your company, the webinar host and the speakers with brief bio information. In this case, most people will decide based on brand familiarity or speaker reputation. Just make sure the host information in your webinar invitation email provides sufficient clarity in this regard.

4. The key benefits

Besides the webinar topic, another key component of the invite email is the potential benefit of attending the online event. Just like you, many of your target prospects are busy. Most people don’t even have a minute to waste on vague email copy. Once again, the big question is this – why should I attend your event instead of other alternative engagements at the scheduled time?

To make the copy more effective, a simple bullet list of the key benefits or value propositions will have more impact. It is also essential to highlight the problem your Webinar will help the prospects to solve and why the topic is precisely suited for a specific buyer persona. Assuming you want to generate high-quality leads from your webinars, don’t forget to highlight the alignment between the interest of your ideal customer avatar and the topic of the upcoming event you invite them to attend.

5. Date and time

When do you want to host the live Webinar? Here is another important question that will affect the attendance rate. In a typical invitation email template, you have to make the date and time of your Webinar clear enough for prospective attendees. Besides the standard date and time, making the time zone known to every prospect will help them to adjust and include your event on their calendar.

6. Call to action

Your webinar invitation email should have a specific call to action. If you make your Webinar CTA tiny or hidden somewhere in the email, you will not get the best results. Instead of using text-based CTA only, try using a button with contrasting colours and a specific action word like register, click, or join.

Webinar invitation email templates

Now that you have understood the key components, let’s look at some email templates you can use to craft your webinar invite messages. Note that you can tweak these templates as you see fit.

Subject line [Webinar] Discover The 10 Proven Ways To Increase Shopify Store Revenue in 30 days

Template #1

Hey (Subscriber Name)

[Problem highlight] Are you stuck in your Shopify eCommerce business, feeling you can’t grow revenue without a big advertising budget, which you don’t have? Join us on (webinar date and time) to discover 10 proven Shopify store revenue growth strategies that don’t require a bigger advertising budget.

Register here to add this event to your calendar (registration link).

In this Webinar, (speaker name) from (company name) will reveal (topic) 10 practical eCommerce revenue growth strategies that don’t require spending more money on advertising platforms like Google and Facebook.

What you’ll learn include

[problem highlight]

[proven solutions]

[Benefit #1]

[Benefit #2]

[Benefit #3]

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new and proven revenue growth strategies you can implement within 1 – 30 days without spending additional money on cost-paid advertising. Register now to add the event to your calendar on (date and time)

Best Regards

[Host Name]

[Company Name]

Invitation Email Template #2

Subject Line [Webinar] Learn To Decrease Your B2B Lead Generation Cost By Attending This Webinar

Hello [Subscriber Name]

Is abnormally high B2B lead generation cost eating into your profit margin? Many things could go wrong and keep you stuck at a certain threshold. But you don’t have to endure the problem any longer. Register for our [Webinar Presentation Topic] on [Date/Time] to learn how to decrease your lead generation cost by 40 – 70% within the next 90 days.

In this online Webinar, [expert name] from [company name] will reveal

[subtopic #1]

[subtopic #2]

[Subtopic #3]

[Subtopic #4]

Register now to learn to decrease your B2B lead generation cost while improving lead quality and conversion rate at the same time.


Best Regards

[Host Name]

[Company Name]

Webinar invitation email best practices

  • Use attractive subject lines
  • Design a specific colorful banner
  • Provide complete information in the email
  • Promise you’ll share slides and recording
  • Include countdown timers
  • Include a popular calendar link
  • Include a standout CTA button
  • Send multiple reminder emails
  • Add video content where possible
  • Offer a meaningful discount

Building a complete webinar email sequence  

A complete promotional email campaign doesn’t end when you send a webinar invite. Based on the grand scheme of things, your webinar announcement email sequence has to include other messages aimed at bringing more people and getting better value from your Webinar. Below are some other emails you should include in the series.

  • Send confirmation email to registrants: Immediately after registration, you should send a webinar confirmation email to all registrants. The mail will help you assure those prospects that their spots are reserved. Most importantly, don’t forget to include a calendar link so prospective attendees can save the future date.
  • Send automated reminder emails: You should schedule 2 – 5 emails reminding the registrants when the Webinar will take place. Adding the date/time and ‘add to calendar’ link will help you get more people to attend. Consider sending this email two weeks before a webinar.
  • Send a thank you email: Send another email to thank the people who attended your event. If you use a webinar platform like CloudPresenter, you can leverage such appreciation emails to launch a webinar survey that will give you insights on improving your upcoming events.
  • Send slides and recording: If you presented some premium offers and discounts when you host a webinar, one proven way to get more value is to send recordings to live participants and people who could not attend live.


Instead of relying solely on paid promotion strategies, a well-crafted webinar invitation email can increase your attendance rate and overall marketing ROI. It is also worth reiterating that you don’t have to depend on the limited size of your email subscriber list. You can tap into other people’s email subscribers to promote the value of the Webinar.

However, writing a webinar promotional sequence doesn’t have to be complicated. Consider following some of the best practices shared in this post to increase email open rates and overall conversions. With basic copywriting and email marketing skills, you can run A/B tests to uncover the best formats or templates to deliver your desired results.

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