Product Features

All the tools for online meetings, presentations, and webinars, from one platform
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Custom domain, emails & meetings links
Personalized domain and emails to make Cloudpresenter your own
Custom colors and branding
Your colors and logos across registration, emails and meeting spaces
Capture actionable insights for your marketing team to drive conversions
Webinar landing page
Beautiful, customizable landing pages for your webinar
Registration forms
In-built registration forms that can be embedded into your webinar landing page
Breakout rooms
Create smaller groups for focused discussions or activities in virtual gatherings
Conduct polls
Gather instant feedback and engage participants with interactive surveys during virtual gatherings
Meeting wide chat
Real-time communication among all participants for collaboration
Team-wide accounts
Add unlimited team members to your workspace
Automatically generate written records of meetings for easy reference and documentation.
1080p HD recordings
Record & share your meetings or webinars in HD 1080p and MP4 audio
Cloud storage
Store all your recordings in the cloud
Virtual backgrounds
Present from anywhere with privacy and custom backgrounds
Add backgrounds and arrange content exactly as you want it
Fully cloud based
Available online from anywhere at any time
Live streaming
Integrate your live event video production to create a true hybrid event
Annotate as you present directly to the screen
Separate chats for hosts, organiser & audience
Separate messaging for hosts, organizers, and audience members for streamlined communication.
Multi-language support
13 languages across registration pages, emails and in-meeting
Email automation
Automate your communication to participants, producers, & moderators
Present content
Share videos and presentations or stream from online channels
Fully cloud based
Available online from anywhere at any time
100% browser based
Runs in your browser without additional downloads
Simple & intuitive
Innovative and user friendly digital meeting space
Recurring meetings
Easily set up recurring events or classes
2 to 25,000 attendees
Small meetings, large webinars, virtual events and more
Experienced event support
Technicians and event producers available for end to end technical and production support
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