Virtual and hybrid events

Effortlessly host virtual and hybrid events at any scale with ease

Host events of any size with confidence. Cloudpresenter offers a reliable platform for a few to multiple numbers of speakers and attendees.
Trusted and loved by leading organisations and businesses

“Hybrid and virtual event hosting with Cloudpresenter is more user-friendly than Zoom or GoToWebinars”

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Inclusive, accessible  & sustainable.

Make your event more inclusive, sustainable, and accessible with Cloudpresenter's virtual and hybrid solutions.
“Cloudpresenter made our events inclusive and sustainable. It was easy for everyone to join our virtual events and what amazing experiences these have been!”
Senior Producer, Pico Global Events
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Technology you can trust.

Cloudpresenter is your trusted technology for seamless, reliable, and versatile virtual communication, and collaboration across diverse industries and professions.
“With Cloudpresenter, we had technology we could trust. It provides us a reliable and dynamic platform for all our requirements, allowing us to focus on our event content and engagement”
Jenny Conlon-Cooper
Project Manager
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Everything you need in one place.

Cloudpresenter is crafted for robustness, security, and blazing speed, ensuring seamless event experiences. That’s seamless and versatile
“Cloudpresenter truly had everything we needed in one place. From planning to execution, the platform provided a comprehensive solution for our hybrid and virtual events”
Ken Carter
Client Services Director
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Webinars across industries and geographies.

Elevate audience engagement with interactive features like polls, Q&A, and live
chat, ensuring impactful communication and feedback.

Seamless collaboration: meetings, breakouts, presentations.
Connect with teams, train, optimize training programmes
Foster Engaging learning with interactive videos.

More features to excite you.

Cloudpresenter is crafted to deliver captivating and visually stunning webinar experiences for your needs

HD audio and video events

Turn virtual events into memorable experiences. Use Cloudpresenter's HD audio and video streaming to host online events confidently.

Connect from anywhere

Cloudpresenter is optimized for any device, of any size, and accessible from anywhere.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is a virtual event platform?
A virtual event platform provides the tools to create branded online experiences with engagement analytics, customization and seamless broadcasting capabilities.
How to choose the best virtual event platform?
Look no further than Cloudpresenter, the leading all-in-one virtual event platform renowned for its reliable technology, robust feature set and unparalleled customer support.
What is the difference between virtual and hybrid event?
Virtual events take place fully online while hybrid events combine in-person and remote participation.
How to host a virtual event?
Easily manage end-to-end event logistics like scheduling, promotion, registration and broadcasting to global audiences using an intuitive virtual platform.
What are the different types of virtual events?
Diverse event types like conferences, job fairs, workshops, galas and more can be hosted remotely and made accessible to audiences worldwide.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes, you can try Cloudpresenter for free for 14 days, which includes a Webinar plan so you test out all the features. After this time if you don't choose to upgrade to a paid plan you will revert back to our free plan, with slightly less features.
Do I get customer support?
Yes, customer support is provided through live chat for everyone. For those requiring more hands on support running events from onboarding to production teams for event execution get in touch via live chat to find out more.