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“Cloudpresenter has transformed the way I conduct virtual meetings and presentations”

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HD audio and video meetings

With Cloudpresenter's HD video and audio, you can create an immersive and engaging meeting experience, allowing for clear communication and seamless collaboration.
“Our attendees loved the platform and the fact that it was branded, plus the sound and video quality are amazing.”
Xavier AP
Community Engagement Manager
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Virtual Meetings with Whiteboarding

Several participants in a video call can share their screens at the same time and collaborate making virtual meetings more interactive.
“With whiteboard our training courses mean enhanced collaboration in real-time, providing an excellent engagement platform”
Ashley Rude
Project Manager
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Meeting recordings to Capture Every Moment

Effortlessly preserve the insights and discussions from your virtual meetings by recording them directly to the cloud or downloading them locally for future reference.
“Being able to record our meetings in Cloudpresenter means those attendees that couldn’t attend are able to view the recordings at a time that suits them”
Dr Satveer Mahi
Kings College Hospital, London
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Webinars across industries and geographies.

Elevate audience engagement with interactive features like polls, Q&A, and live
chat, ensuring impactful communication and feedback.

Seamless collaboration: meetings, breakouts, presentations.
Connect with teams, train, optimize training programmes
Hassle-free webinars for employee training.

More features to excite you.

Cloudpresenter is crafted to deliver captivating and visually stunning webinar experiences for your needs

Meeting rooms

Rooms are always-available sessions, just like having a meeting room that's open for use anytime.

In-meeting group chats & polls

Chat with your team, share files, and run polls effortlessly.

Synced with your calendar

Cloudpresenter's calendar sync feature ensures that your meetings and webinars are always within reach, keeping you organized and on time.

Add contacts

Make inviting participants easy by adding them to your contacts.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is a virtual meeting?
A virtual meeting is an online event where attendees communicate and collaborate in real-time through video, audio and chat on a remote conferencing platform.
How do I create a virtual meeting?
Easily schedule online meetings through an intuitive interface and invite participants to join remotely via video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities.
What are the types of virtual meetings?
Common virtual meeting types include one-on-one meetings, company-wide events, training sessions, client presentations and more.
How are virtual meetings effective?
Virtual meetings are effective through seamless video integration, interactive features like polls and Q&A, and secure encryption protecting meeting privacy.
How do I attend a virtual meeting?
Join any virtual meeting by clicking the invitation link and entering the meeting ID, enabling easy access to fully participate remotely.
How does the Cloudpresenter free trial work?
Sign up on the Cloudpresenter website to access a forever-free plan enabling you to host live webinars with full platform capabilities. This allows assessing if the robust tools meet your needs before deciding to upgrade to a paid subscription for larger events and advanced features.
Do I get customer support?
Yes, complimentary customer support is provided through a dedicated manager guiding your webinar journey. From onboarding to event readiness and live day troubleshooting, they assist with dry runs, speaker prep and overall event execution. Robust assistance is included at no extra cost.